Shireburn Sextet Wheelie Bin Store


The Sextet Wheelie Bin Store is perfect for hiding six wheelie bins away. It is a beautiful addition to your garden. Importantly it is handmade in Lancashire from sustainably sourced Scandinavian redwood timber. This product has been been designed to withstand the elements and the test of time!

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  • Hand Made in Lancashire, UK
  • Galvanised External Ironmongery
  • Robust 50x50mm timber framing
  • Hides 6 unsightly wheelie bins from view
  • FSC® Certified sustainable, pressure treated timber
  • Enclosed free standing unit with 6 galvanised floor bars
  • Automated bin lid opening feature, utilising a chain mechanism, ensuring that both lids open together
  • Flat packed on a pallet with clear assembly instructions, fixtures and fittings

Product Accessories (sold separately)

  • Gas Struts (two per lid) – These will provide support, whilst lifting the lids, as well as holding the lids open for ease of use.
  • Deck Base – We recommend purchasing one of our deck bases if you are erecting your product on gravel, grass, sloping or uneven surfaces.
  • Hasp & Staple – This is a lockable mechanism allowing you to put a padlock onto your product for additional security.

Here at The Garden Village we use a national pallet network to deliver our products.

This item will arrive flat packed on a non-returnable wooden pallet. Delivery will aim to be between 8AM till 6PM on your selected date. As with all pallet deliveries we can only guarantee curb side delivery.

For full delivery details and lead times see Home Delivery.

Sextet Wheelie Bin Store 140L (SGST-140-TGV) 150KG
Dimensions Ext: 1200 / 3555 / 640 mm (H/W/D) Int: 1090 / 540-540-540-540-540-540 (Each Compartment) / 570 mm (H/W/D)
GTIN: 5061039111674
Deck Base 140L Size (S-STDB-SU-TGV) 41KG
Dimensions: 50 / 3640 / 800 mm (H/W/D)
GTIN: 5061039111070
Sextet Wheelie Bin Store 180L (SGST-180-TGV) 180KG
Dimensions Ext: 1200 / 4232 / 804 mm (H/W/D) Int: 1090 / 650-650-650-650-650-650 (Each Compartment) / 750 mm (H/W/D)
GTIN: 5061039111681
Sextet Wheelie Bin Store 240L (SGST-240-TGV) 180KG
Dimensions Ext: 1200 / 4232 / 804 mm (H/W/D) Int: 1090 / 650-650-650-650-650-650 (Each Compartment) / 750 mm (H/W/D)
GTIN: 5061039111698
Deck Base 180L & 240L Size (M-STDB-SU-TGV) 57KG
Dimensions: 50 / 4340 / 924 mm (H/W/D)
GTIN: 5061039111131
Sextet Wheelie Bin Store 360L (SGST-360-TGV) 200KG
Dimensions Ext: 1250 / 4232 / 970 mm (H/W/D) Int: 1140 / 650-650-650-650-650-650 (Each Compartment) / 916 mm (H/W/D)
GTIN: 5061039111803
Deck Base 360L Size (L-STDB-SU-TGV) 65KG
Dimensions: 50 / 4340 / 1050 mm (H/W/D)
GTIN: 5061039111193
DIMENSIONS: Please note that natural timber products have a variation of up to 8mm in width.
WEIGHT: The weight represented is inclusive of packaging. The final weight is approximate and due to various factors may differ from the actual value.