We are proud to be FSC® Certified!

The Garden Village is committed to building a sustainable future for future generations.

Sustainability is at the very heart of our business!

Here at the Garden Village we recognised that we now live in a world where human impact is a constant threat to our environment and biodiversity. We recognise that all of our operations have an impact on the environment, from the energy and resources we use, to the products we manufacture and the waste we generate. In order to combat climate change, we must be proactive, and therefore we, as a company, are extremely committed to high standards of environmental management. We undertake all of our activities with the aim of reducing the environmental impact of our operations, products and supply chain.


Our company is passionate about the environment and sustainability, therefore we always try where possible, to utilise local suppliers, in order to minimise the impact of transportation and maintain employment for the local people, thus also reducing emissions into the environment. Where possible, we also try to procure all of our raw materials in bulk, again helping to reduce road emissions and reducing our carbon footprint.


One of our main focuses is to reduce the amount of plastic packaging that we require to secure our products for delivery. Our intention is to ensure, that within the next 2 years, all of our packaging is 100% recyclable, as the company works towards carbon net zero.


As a proactive company, we actively source reconditioned pallets, to use for the delivery of your products. We would encourage our customers to always try to upcycle their pallets. Some great ideas could be to make funky and bespoke garden items, such as tables, swings, seats, or to simply convert the pallets into compost, mulch and fuel for your garden.


The Garden Village is proud to be a Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC) Certificate holder. Being an FSC® Certified company guarantees to our customers that all of our products have been manufactured from responsibly managed forests, ensuring the health of our planet for our future generations.